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ECOCONTACT 5 | 185/55/R15 H (86)
ECOCONTACT 5 | 185/55/R15 H (86)



Size: 185/55/R15 H (86)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00008879

(Fully Fitted Price - excl Truck Tyres)
Summer tyre designed for city cars and MPVs, the Continental ContiEcoContact 5 combines energy efficiency and safety on wet roads. Energy efficiency. Thanks to a new compound and squarer profile, the Continental ContiEcoContact 5 reduces rolling resistance by 20% compared to the ContiEcoContact 3, while at the same time improving mileage by 12%. Safety. Reduced braking distances on wet roads obtained by the ultrafine sipes acting like windscreen wipers.